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The online learning space is growing very quickly. Enroll into the Wealtheo Affiliate Program for free today and lock in lifetime commissions from all the customers you refer to our Products and services.



As a Wealtheo™ Affiliate, you can promote our individual Products to generate weekly commissions. When any of the customers you refer purchase any additional Products or services, you’ll earn a 10% commission on the purchases for the life of the customer.

Debt is a problem. a big problem.

Starting with our exclusive courses in personal finance, our goal is to truly educate our customers to make a positive impact on their lives financially. We are now expanding into other areas of personal and professional development such as entrepreneurship, leadership, and more.

The current state of our Union is troubling…

Not only are you generating commissions by sharing the Wealtheo Products, you are helping fellow Americans become financially literate so they can get out of debt and get in a much better position financially.



The Debt Freedom™ course is a self-paced, online educational financial literacy course that teaches time-proven principles our students can apply to improve their financial health.

Designed to provide financial literacy education (with zero fluff) along with a complete roadmap to attacking debt and getting on the path to financial freedom.

Features 21 zero-fluff videos plus 5 actionable worksheets.

Course investment: $159/year

WEALTHEO+ Subscription

Wealtheo+ is for those who are ready to shorten their path to success and embrace the Renegade Capitalist lifestyle.

As a member, you have direct access to our team of Renegades, all of our courses, continuing tips, tricks, and tactics for shortening your path to success, and a community of like-minded people.

Our mission is to provide high quality courses and training to help our customers build wealth across all areas in their lives.

Subscription investment: $9.99/month


We will be releasing additional higher ticket Products and services in 2022 and beyond (Pricing ranging from the hundreds to the thousands). These include higher ticket courses (covering many subjects as we expand) and later down the road coaching, mastermind programs, and events.

As a Wealtheo Affiliate, you will generate commissions from all Product purchases made by your referred customers days, weeks, months, and even years from now.


There is zero investment required to become an Affiliate for Wealtheo. Once you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to your affiliate links so you can begin promoting our Products.

You will also be among the first to be notified when we launch new courses that you can promote to further boost your commissions. Currently, the Affiliate program is available in the United States only.

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