How To Make Money With a YouTube Channel?

When it comes to making money with a YouTube channel, there are a few things you need to know: creating engaging and high-quality content, building up a strong following of subscribers interested in your content, and monetizing your channel to make money from it.

Being a content creator is a great way to make money nowadays. It is not an easy task, but it can be done in many ways. YouTube stars are today’s self-made celebrities; they are people who have built an audience by providing content on the internet that is oriented toward teaching, entertaining, reviewing, or just being wonderful influencers.

How To Start a YouTube Channel?

With a Google Account, you can view, like, and subscribe to videos and channels. Without a YouTube channel, you will be unable to establish a public presence on the platform even if you already have a Google Account. You must register a YouTube channel to upload videos, leave comments, and build playlists.

These are the steps on how to create a YouTube channel:

  • Set up your channel: Your YouTube channel is already set up and ready to go if you  have an existing Google account. Sign in to YouTube and select Your Channel from the top-right menu, and you will be asked to set up a personal or business account.
  • Choose your channel icon: You can include a backdrop image for your YouTube channel at the top of your page that refers to your channel art. You can select any image and modify it at any moment.
  • Create a customized platform: After customizing your channel option, you can now enter a description of your business, as well as a location and an email address for contact — including connections to your other social media accounts.
  • Share your main video clips: Pay great attention to this step since these features will impact your channel’s attractiveness and how it appears in video searches. You can also edit YouTube videos once they’re uploaded by using the platform.
  • Make a big deal platform: If you intend to use your YouTube channel as your primary social network, you should advertise it in your other social networks to expand your subscriber community. Use particular social media tools to strategize and introduce your platform across multiple channels.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

Many people are making a living with their YouTube channels, and most importantly, they do not have to rely on single-handed things to generate an income. It is important to know that there are a lot of factors and different ways to consider in generating a YouTube channel to make money out of it.

These are the requirements to make money in YouTube channel:


Having a large number of subscribers is not something you should focus on. You need to build an audience with interested people who will subscribe to your channel. You are required to have at least 1,000 subscribers to earn money on youtube.

Watch Hours

The number of hours watched indicates that people are interested in your videos. To make more money, it is best to have a high watch percentage ratio compared to the other factors above. You have to have at least 4,000 view hours in the last year to become a YouTube Partner and earn money from commercials.


The number of advertisements you have on your videos indicates the quality and popularity; this can be monitored through YouTube Analytics. YouTube revenue is derived through AdSense adverts, sponsorships with well-known businesses, and affiliate links. YouTube only pays you after you’ve made $100 or more from advertising on your channel and videos.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are looking to make money with this platform, start thinking about how you can get your videos to rank. The most important part of having a successful YouTube channel is to create good content, remember to be consistent with your uploads, and be sure to respond quickly when people comment on your videos or subscribe.

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