Is Working With a Realtor Worth It?

Did you know that 88% of home buyers buy their properties with the help of a realtor? Whether you’re about to make your first major investment or want to sell your home and get a new one, working with a realtor is more beneficial than you think. They have the skills and expertise to help you find the home that suits your needs best. Keep scrolling to learn why working with a realtor is worth it.

Saves You Time and Energy

You might think you can just browse on the internet and pick the home you like. However, this alone will eat up a lot of your time. With a realtor, you won’t have to waste time checking out houses that don’t match your preferences and needs. They also stick to specific timelines and even manage things faster, allowing for a smooth home buying and selling process.

Serves as Your Expert Guide

Getting a home might be exciting, but the whole process can be stressful. It involves a lot of forms and financial and legal documents. You will also encounter some jargon in the whole transaction process. As your expert guide, realtors will ensure you understand everything and don’t miss any requirements to prevent unnecessary mistakes and delays.

Ensures Better Deal

You might choose to purchase a home without a realtor to save some bucks. However, working with them can lead you to a better deal. They can tell whether the price of the house is too high — or low. They also know what features to consider and how these can affect your finances in the future.

Handles Complex Transactions

Realtors will also help you handle complex real estate transactions, including home inspections. They know the best home inspection companies around your area and can easily connect you with them.

Real estate agents will help you complete your loan application too and be pre-approved. If there are certain details you don’t understand, they can explain them to you. Should there be any issues or lacking information, the realtors will address them quickly, thus helping you avoid unnecessary stress.

Gives Objective Information and Ideas

A reliable realtor caters to your real estate needs with impartiality. They will help you find a home that suits your budget without compromising quality. If you have concerns regarding zoning rules, amenities, and contractors, real estate agents are there to help you. Through their unemotional negotiations, you won’t lose sight of your buying goals.   

Knows the Market

From small price fluctuations in a specific community to relatively high interest rates, the real estate market keeps changing. That’s why it’s crucial to have a realtor knowledgeable in the local real estate market. They will keep you updated with the important variables and recommend the best time to buy a home.

Has Access to MLS

One great tool that can help assess active listings is the multiple listing service (MLS). It alerts realtors regarding new listings and open houses. So, if you work with a realtor, you’ll know which properties will soon be available on the market or which ones are no longer available even though they still appear on public home search tools.

Has Huge Professional Network

Apart from their affiliations with various real estate organizations, realtors also maintain a connection with different professionals. These include real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, interior designers, home inspectors, and more. Thus, you won’t have to keep looking for the best professionals because your realtor can contact them for you. 

Final Thoughts

From having an expert guide to helping you save time, money, and energy, to managing complex transactions, working with a realtor when buying a home is worth it. To see if the monthly loan payments work for you, use a mortgage calculator. Need some help finding the right mortgage and becoming a wise homebuyer? Check out Wealtheo’s mortgage courses! 

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