Struggling in School? Consider These Options for Help

Since remote learning has become the norm for most schools, students may face more difficulties with their subjects or homework. With limited library access and little to no in-person classes, they may need to approach their lessons in another way. If you or your child is struggling in school, these online learning solutions might help:


Chegg is an online tutoring platform that provides students with academic assistance. Initially, it was a service that allowed students to rent or purchase new or secondhand textbooks. However, it has since expanded to include tutoring, homework help, exam preparation, and writing support.

By using Chegg, students can have access to reading materials and detailed step-by-step solutions to specific math problems. In case you have difficulty understanding a topic, Chegg also lets you speak to a tutor. The platform has its own virtual classrooms that have audio and video connectivity, as well as a virtual whiteboard and full-text editor. More in-depth explanations can also come in the form of videos or illustrations, allowing you to learn in your own way.

You can also pose a question that a Chegg expert will answer in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. It’s more than likely that you will also find answers in Chegg’s comprehensive library of questions and answers.

If you need help with a written assignment like an essay, Chegg also offers plagiarism checks, grammar checks, and personalized feedback from an expert. Aside from spotting writing issues, it can also help with missing citations.

To maximize all of Chegg’s services, it’s best that you subscribe to the Study Pack. Compared to Chegg Study, the Study Pack subscription includes more features for writing support.


If you’re the type to learn better through a variety of games, then Quizlet is right up your alley.

Created by 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland in 2005, Quizlet is a free website learning tool that allows you to create your own study sets (terms and definitions). Study sets made by other users can also be freely accessed by anyone. Quizlet takes the traditional paper flashcards up a notch as you can add your own images, definitions, and even audio. You also have different ways of reviewing your study sets, such as:

  • Shuffling or randomizing the flashcards
  • Typing what you can hear from the audio, or while terms and definitions scroll across the screen
  • Dragging and matching terms and definitions within a time limit
  • Generating random tests based on your flashcard sets
  • Tracking answers and taking a retest for those you got wrong

Quizlet is great for students who learn better through gamification, or those who are visual and auditory learners. The different learning modes also make studying more fun, which can help in memory retention. Because it has 40 million user-generated study sets, you’re bound to find at least one that tackles the specific topic you’re studying for. In case you don’t, you can always make your own study set.

Course Hero

Like most online learning platforms, Course Hero provides resources that students can use, specifically old tests, class notes, homework problems, and textbook answers. Like Quizlet, much of the content comes from its users — which consist of both students and educators — who share their own class notes and old school work. In a way, this is similar to student groups who band together to share notes from class. Course Hero simply provides the platform wherein everyone can gain access to these materials. 

Course Hero has its own dashboard that lets you search for and add the courses or subjects you’re currently taking. Once done, you get access to study guides, notes, videos, and other course-specific documents that can help you master your subjects.

Creating an account on Course Hero is free. However, some limitations apply as you would need to post a certain number of materials to have complete access to notes. Otherwise, you can pay a subscription fee.

Great Study Buddies

Learning isn’t one-dimensional. Thus, students can certainly benefit from the online learning platforms above. Whether you’re taking remote or in-person classes, these platforms can help you understand lessons better and view them from a different perspective. Level up your own knowledge even more by purchasing our student courses and have another great study buddy by your side!

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