Big Changes and Updates Are Coming

Since Wealtheo’s launch in March, we have received a massive amount of feedback. We’ve been listening and now we’re delivering. Read on to learn more about the additions, changes, and improvements that are coming.

Overall Layout & User Experience

A large amount of feedback that we received centered around simply getting around the site. We heard you and we’re addressing it right now. In fact, you may have already noticed some small and a few not-so-small changes around the site. Over the next few days you’ll see major improvements to the site menus and overall flow of the pages.

We’ve expanded several of the pages and created some dedicated pages. The ‘Contact’ page is getting a major upgrade and expansion and will give you every way that you can contact Wealtheo. Additionally, we have created a separate page for the ‘Company’ so that visitors can learn more about the people and philosophy behind the company.

We’ve also standardized the main menu to give you direct links to our products and added a direct link where customers can access their enrolled courses majorly simplifying navigating the site.

Site-Wide Social Sharing

Affiliates and consultants have already begun to notice some new buttons showing up around the site. Rather than have social sharing links live only on the ‘Dashboard’ page, they are now available on all of the product pages, the enrollment page, and will soon be rolled out to every page on the site.

These social sharing links are tied to your unique rep ID and will append any link shared with your ID. This means that you can share any page via the provided networks, SMS, and email and be sure that anyone who uses it will have that visit credited to your rep ID. This is a major improvement over having to visit the ‘Dashboard’ and being limited to the handful of links available on that page. The more you share what Wealtheo has to offer, the more opportunities you have to impact someone’s life with the critical financial information that we offer.

Business Opportunity Webinars

With the implementation of these new changes over the next couple of weeks, we are pausing the Tuesday/Thursday evening webinars. Additionally, we are developing a Wealtheo webinar page that will also have social sharing links for you to send to prospects to sign up for an online webinar. This webinar-style funnel creates more opportunities for your prospects to learn about Wealtheo.

Major Pricing Changes

We received the most feedback related to the pricing of our courses. You told us that the pricing was too high and too confusing. We listened and are responding. Here’s what to expect.

Wealtheo University – Wealtheo University will no longer be offered as a monthly subscription and, instead, will simply refer to the entire offering of courses from Wealtheo. This will encompass all courses of all topics now offered by Wealtheo as well as all future courses. While the vast majority of our courses are now centered on basic personal financial literacy, our courses are expanding to include all aspects of wealth and personal development. Each subject area will be launched into its own campus under the Wealtheo University name.

Simplified Ala Carte Pricing – We’re eliminating price complexity and allowing customers to ability to customize their learning experience based on their unique circumstances. When the price changes launch, all standard Wealtheo courses will be offered for $19.95 or $59.95 for 1-year of access. This brings us in line with the pricing model of other online learning platforms and was driven by extensive market research as well as your feedback.

Debt Freedom Course Major Price Drop – The largest amount of feedback that we received related to pricing centered around the Debt Freedom Course. We heard you. Consequently, the price of our flagship course is dropping from $497 to $159 for 1-year of access. If someone is struggling with debt, then $159 is a small price to pay for financial freedom. It will also come bundled with 1 year of access to Wealtheo’s Budgeting App so that customers have the tools to implement the knowledge that they get from the course.

Ultimate Debt Freedom Course Bundle – For those customers who are seeking a deeper dive into getting out of debt and staying that way, we’ll be offering the Ultimate Debt Freedom Bundle which will include the Debt Freedom Course, the Budgeting App, and 6 other supplemental courses for only $199/year.

More Bundles, More Options – More individual courses will be made available as topic-specific bundles created to solve major financial pain-points and be offered anywhere from $99/year to $199/year. Additionally, there has been some discussion about offering lifetime access options but no decision has been made as we are still processing feedback.

Consultant Registration Fees – We’ve given all Consultants access to the Back Office to track and manage your personal organization. Consequently, when the price changes go into effect, the annual Consultant registration fee will increase to $99/year. If you are currently on as a Consultant at $49/year, your price will never increase as long as you are current.

Consultant Transition – Those of you who purchased course access through one of our Consultant bundles will be transitioned over to the new pricing model but will continue to receive access. Platinum Consultants will continue to receive unlimited access to the Debt Freedom Course and will receive lifetime access to all courses offered in the Personal Finance Courses.

Gold Consultants will get unlimited access to the Debt Freedom Course and your annual Consultant renewal fees will be frozen at $49/year as long as you stay current on your Consultant renewal fees. Additionally, Silver Consultants will receive 1-year of access to the courses already in Wealtheo University and get the benefit of the Consultant renewal price freeze.

The Dashboard

The Affiliate/Consultant Dashboard is undergoing a major overhaul. Your feedback was crucial to the redesign. It is getting a major facelift, major improvements to simplicity, and some great functionality improvements. There’s not much we can share until we get further down the development path, but our commitment is to make it extremely useful and simple.

The Wrap Up

There is so much in development at Wealtheo right now that the next few weeks and months are going to see one major improvement after another. There is a Wealtheo Consultant mobile app in development. There will be more tools available for Affiliates and Consultants to grow their businesses. There will be more ways to introduce your potential customers and consultants to the business. There will be another way for you to generate an income stream through direct interaction with customers. In short, there will be more ways for you to engage the public and help Wealtheo change the world one household at a time.

These changes are rolling out at a rapid pace and we’ll be sure to let you know before and when they officially roll out. Be sure to open all emails from Wealtheo so that you stay in the loop.