Every Page Is Now A Sales Page

You may have noticed the changes and upgrades happening at Wealtheo over the past few months. What you might not realize is how much easier that we’ve made it for you to sell our life-changing courses. Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve made every product page a sales page.

A little over a month ago, some new social media buttons appeared on the Debt Freedom and Wealtheo University sales pages. These are social share icons for the top social media networks. While this makes it easier to share these pages on social media, email, SMS, and messaging apps, it also means that you can generate more traffic than ever to your Rep ID.

Our developers worked to connect these buttons to your Wealtheo Rep account so that every link you share is appended with your Rep ID. This means that anyone who comes to our site and purchases a course using your shared link is credited to you. Be sure that you are logged in before you share.

It’s not just product pages.

In June, we launched and tested our new financial blog section that delivers bite-sized information on core aspects of personal financial health. These articles serve the purpose of addressing personal finance pain points, but also serve as great intros to our suite of financial literacy courses. In short, by sharing these articles with others you can help address a specific pain point and turn them on to the whole Wealtheo experience.

Additionally, the social share buttons on these articles also append your Rep ID. That means these pages also serve as sales pages so you can increase your sales.

We’ve added a ton of new courses.

We have been diligently working to expand our course offerings. However, we’ve not been focused on quantity only. As always with Wealtheo, it’s about creating topic-specific, top-notch courses with actionable information that a student can use right now. We encourage you to head over to the Wealtheo University page and familiarize yourself with the new courses.

Adapt and overcome.

We are committed to alleviating the financial woes of Americans and increasing financial literacy. Our name says it all: Wealth = Education + Opportunity. It takes both education and opportunity to create wealth and change lives and you are a key component of making that happen.

Much like we teach daily improvement throughout our courses, we’re working diligently to improve Wealtheo every day. Much like the people we are trying to reach, some days are better than others. But together we can adapt to a rapidly changing business climate and overcome any hurdles.

Go try it now.

Head over to the Articles page, the Debt Freedom page, or the Wealtheo University page and use the buttons to share. Let’s go win.