Wealtheo’s Consultant Spotlight Program

Each week a Wealtheo™ team member will have a 10-15 minute interview with our most valuable asset, our Consultants. These interviews will be posted so that everyone in Wealtheo™ can get to know their teammates.

During the interview, Founder Consultant Jerry has the opportunity to speak about his background, skills, direct sales experience, and best of all why Wealtheo™ and why now.

We all come from different backgrounds, family dynamics, business industries, motivations, and yet at this very moment we see eye-to-eye on Wealtheo’s mission and vision. What drives the team members of Wealtheo™ may be different from what drives each Consultant, and that is okay. Rising tides lift all ships, and Wealtheo™ is the rising tide.

So let’s get to it. Our interview is with Founder Consultant Jerry.