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Holding Tank FAQ

When you enroll new Consultants and Affiliates into your Wealtheo business, they are placed into your “Holding Tank”. This provides you the opportunity to place new enrollments anywhere you’d like to maximize the compensation plan.

What is the Holding Tank for?
The holding tank is where all of your personally enrolled Consultants and Affiliates (those who enroll on your website) go. This provides you with the opportunity to choose which leg in your genealogy they go into (left leg or right leg).
When do I need to place a Consultant who is in my Holding Tank into my genealogy?
ASAP. We highly suggest that you move someone from your Holding Tank into your organization (genealogy) as quickly as possible. The reason is that there are other Consultants above you also building their organization and spots in your genealogy may fill up quickly. This is a very good thing. It is known as “spillover” and helps your organization grow.
Will I see people who are in other Consultant’s Holding Tanks in my organization or geneology view?
No. Consultants will only appear once they have been placed inside the genealogy. This is why it is important to ensure you place people from the Holding Tank into your organization quickly and teach everyone you enroll to do the same.
How long do I have to move someone from my Holding Tank into my genealogy?
If you do not place Consultants on your own, all Consultants and Affiliates remaining in holding tanks will automatically be placed into your left leg every Sunday at 11:59pm.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Can I move someone that I have already placed into my genealogy?
No. You have one chance to place someone, so please choose very wisely. The reason for this is because as soon as someone is placed, there may quickly be others being placed below them from Consultants in your upline. It is too late to move someone because they would break the entire genealogy from top to bottom. We are unable to move anyone who has been placed.
What are the benefits of having a Holding Tank?
As you have seen by our compensation plan, you have two “legs” from your position in Wealtheo. You have a left leg and a right leg. A Holding Tank provides you with the ability to place people either into your left leg or your right leg. You also have the ability to place your Consultants and Affiliates under a specific Consultant.
What are the benefits of having a Holding Tank?
As you have seen by our compensation plan, you have two “legs” from your position in Wealtheo. You have a left leg and a right leg. A Holding Tank provides you with the ability to place people either into your left leg or your right leg. You also have the ability to place your Consultants and Affiliates under a specific Consultant.
Should I place Consultants on my left leg or my right leg?
Ideally, in a perfect world, you want to have a balance between the left and right sides of your organization. However, that is nearly impossible to achieve because more often than not, you will have a leg that is growing much faster than the other. Typically, you want to move Consultants from the Holding Tank into the leg with the least number of Consultants. But keep in mind, this may shift a few or many times as you build your Wealtheo business. And that is a good thing! This means your business is growing. Remember, it is possible you will have what is known as “spillover” into your organization from others in your upline.
Should I place everyone in my Holding Tank into my smallest side of my organization?
To qualify for binary commissions, you need to have at least one active Consultant which you personally enrolled on your left and your right sides of your organization (also known as “legs”). As long as you have at least one personally enrolled active Consultant on your strongest leg, you may then want to focus on building the smaller leg.


Define your dream. Set your income goals. How much money do you want to make this month? Next month? The next six or twelve months? In two years? Write these goals down and keep them in front of you for a constant reminder. Keep your goals specific. Your goals and dreams will drive your activity. Goals are a dream with a deadline.

Subscribe to and take the Wealtheo courses. Our courses are designed to drive freedom from debt and to achieve financial independence. To be a great promoter of the course products it’s important to speak to customer and consultant prospects from a position of knowledge and belief. Nothing speaks to your conviction of the mission of Wealtheo than to have taken (and applied) the courses to your daily life. Make sure to share the success you achieve with others (friends, social media, etc.) by each small step you take in the courses. The best marketing you can do for your business is your own success story.

Navigate and learn the Wealtheo back-office. Take the time to get to know the information on your dashboard pages and sales pages. This will help you and your team to understand the marketing materials available to help you build your Wealtheo business.

Treat your Wealtheo business as a business. Although the investment is small to start your Wealtheo business, the income potential is large. Order business cards from Wealtheo.  Keep your business expenses separate from personal expenses. Have a daily plan of action and stick to the plan.

Develop a huge contact list. Never let your list fall below 100 names. This list could include personal, family, business, and social contacts. Use your links for the Wealtheo products and business opportunity and distribute them via the many available platforms (text, social media, email, etc.) for both retail customer prospects and business opportunity prospects.

Set Goals for distribution and sales per month.  Realize that many sales happen after the fifth or sixth contact is made. Design the methods and frequency of your link distribution to optimize for the best results. Develop a plan and stick to it.  Success is directly linked to the number of exposures you make to the courses and opportunity over time to people on your contact list.

Make regular presentations of the Wealtheo opportunity. Use your upline Consultants, as they will be more than happy to assist.  Plug into any live webinars or meetings the Wealtheo corporate team or your upline leadership makes available.

Be a student of the unique Wealtheo hybrid binary sales organization and the major effect “spillover” creates on growth. Those who register for free as an Affiliate could eventually become some of the most successful Consultants in your organization after they see their organization growing and decide to take action to start building their business to maximize their commissions.

Determine to be the main driver and leader of growth in your right leg.  While one leg will likely become your “taproot” (meaning deepest of the two legs) as result of the spillover effect, you will need to become intimately involved in the “money” leg (other leg) which drives your monthly bonuses. Help others achieve their goals.

Stay positive and understand rejection is all about timing. Of course, not everyone will buy a course or become a Consultant. The timing may not be right for someone to invest in themselves or start a new business. Learn to accept “No’s” as “not right now” and not as a personal rejection.  All people have different circumstances and timing in their lives and while it may not be the right time for them now, those circumstances could change in three, six, or twelve months.  Never permanently remove anyone from your list.

Be The Example

If you have struggled with debt in the past (or currently in the battle), you are at the right place. Wealtheo was founded to spread financial literacy across the country to help people understand money and learn better money habits.

Becoming a “product of the product” is a sure-fire way to building a successful Wealtheo business. Go through our courses and apply what you learn to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and begin taking the steps towards financial freedom.

Regardless how well you do with the Wealtheo business opportunity, without proper money habits and education, the commissions will go out just as fast as they came in.

Learn the strategies we teach. Apply them. And then share what you learn and your links to our products with others.

The best success story you can share with others about Wealtheo to build your business is your own.

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