Become A Wealtheo Founder.

Qualification Period March 1-7.

The Founders Bonus Pool is available to only those who enroll as Consultants during the upgrade period (March 1, 2021 – March 7, 2021). This is a one-time bonus pool offer and will never be made available again.

Your Websites

Corporate Wealtheo Website:

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Consultant Enrollment:

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Affiliate Enrollment:

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Debt Freedom Course:

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Wealtheo University:

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We will also provide you with a dedicated sales page for all future Wealtheo products to ensure you have the tools you need to build your Wealtheo business.

Start sharing your websites today!


Subscribe to the Debt Freedom Course and Wealtheo University. If you cannot afford to subscribe right away, move this to your first “to-do” after you have successfully sold enough subscriptions to pay for the courses from your commissions. Subscribing to the courses allows you to share “firsthand” knowledge about course content, etc. Users of the courses are always the best at promoting them.

Create and maintain a list. Make a list of all your contacts whom you would like to share Wealtheo with and decide the platform you will use to distribute your Wealtheo Affiliate link (text, social media, email, etc.)

Get familiar with your links. After registering as an Affiliate, go to your Dashboard page and choose which sales page (Debt Freedom or Wealtheo University) and click on the link below the dashboard that will determine which platform (text, social media, email, etc.) you wish to use to share the link.

Share these links often and distribute them widely. Check back to your Wealtheo Dashboard regularly as we update sales pages from time to time. There is no limit how many times you can share these links.

Treat your Affiliate membership as a business. Daily distribution of links, discussions on group pages to increase viewership.

Set Goals for distribution and sales per month. Design the methods and frequency of your link distribution to optimize for the best results.

Be creative with your marketing efforts. If your contact list is not adequate, consider alternate methods of acquiring leads, such as starting a blog that deals with financial literacy, personal finance, etc.

Stay connected to Wealtheo. Watch your email for important news and new product announcements to help you generate more commissions. Be sure to add: [email protected] to your address book. If a Gmail user, simply move any emails from Wealtheo that are in your “promotions” folder into your inbox to ensure delivery.

Consider upgrading your Affiliate membership to a Wealtheo Consultant to earn higher retail sales commissions. If you have any questions about upgrading to a Consultant, be sure to reach out to your Sponsor so they can help you choose the best package for your business goals. Their contact information is located in your welcome email.


When you upgrade to become a Consultant, we will provide you with four landing pages to help you build your Wealtheo business.

Debt Freedom Landing Page:

Wealtheo University Landing page:

Consultant Opportunity:

Affiliate Opportunity:

Bonus! Corporate Website:
You can now use the Corporate website as another landing page when you upgrade to a Consultant.

All Customers Are Tied To You For The Life of Their Account

When a new customer purchases any course, you have the opportunity to generate commissions for the life of your customer.

If they purchase any additional products or services that we launch, you will earn your 10% commission on each and every sale that is made. Even better…

We will handle 100% of the marketing for new products and services to your customers for you.

Keep in mind that what you see right now is only the beginning for Wealtheo. We will be launching many additional courses with various price points from the hundreds to the thousands. Additionally, we plan on launching coaching and masterminds in 2022.

Plus… In Q4 2021 / Q1 2022 we will be launching the Wealtheo phone app and the Wealtheo television app to provide even more access to our courses for our customers.

Plus… Several additional high-ticket products, programs, services… and we will be launching many additional categories ranging from: Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Career, Mindset & Personal Development, and more.

Help Americans Get Out Of Debt & On The Path To Freedom.

Sadly, most Americans have not been properly educated on how to manage their money. And sometimes no matter how hard or how many times we try to get out of debt, we keep ending up right back to where we started — or worse.

We can help you and you can help others get out of debt (and stay out of debt) by sharing our Debt Freedom with others.

The Debt Freedom course is a self-paced, online educational financial literacy course that teaches time-proven principles our students can apply to improve their financial health.

Designed to provide financial literacy education (with zero fluff) along with a complete roadmap to attacking debt and getting on the path to financial freedom.

Features 21 zero-fluff videos plus 5 actionable worksheets.

Upgrade To A Consultant To Increase Your Commissions

Welcome to the Wealtheo Affiliate program. We are excited to have you on board with us. We officially launched Wealtheo to the public on March 1, 2021.

In the coming weeks, we are developing additional marketing materials for you to promote Wealtheo University and the Debt Freedom course. We will notify you via email when the new marketing materials are available.

Thank you again for being among the first to promote our products to the public. We are working on creating additional products and services which you will be able to promote and earn commissions on. We will notify you when those go live.

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