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Every Page Is Now A Sales Page

You may have noticed the changes and upgrades happening at Wealtheo over the past few months. What you might not realize is how much easier that we’ve made it for you to sell our life-changing courses. Here’s what you need to know. We’ve made every product page a sales page. …


Every Page Is Now A Sales Page

You may have noticed the changes and upgrades happening at Wealtheo over the past few months. What you might not realize is how much easier …

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New Marketing Documents Are Available For Download

Wealtheo™ released new and updated documents in your Dashboard page that you can download and use to promote the products. For those meeting with prospects …

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Big Changes and Updates Are Coming

Since Wealtheo’s launch in March, we have received a massive amount of feedback. We’ve been listening and now we’re delivering. Read on to learn more …

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Wealtheo University™ – New Courses Coming May 1st

As a member of Wealtheo University™, you get access to new financial education courses every single month included in your membership at zero additional cost. …

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Wealtheo’s Consultant Spotlight Program – Tennyson

Each week a Wealtheo™ team member will have a 10-15 minute interview with our most valuable asset, our Consultants. These interviews will be posted so …

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RECORDED: 4/15 Wealtheo Opportunity Webinar

For those that were unable to attend, here is the recording of the Wealtheo Opportunity Webinar presented by Independent Wealtheo Consultant Gerald Lodovico. Watch it …

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RECORDED: 4/13 Wealtheo Opportunity Webinar

For those that were unable to attend, here is the recording of the Wealtheo™ Opportunity Webinar presented by Independent Wealtheo Consultant Tom Fragale. Watch the …

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All of the important emails we send come from: team@wealtheo.com.

This includes: newsletters, webinar registrations, new Consultant enrollment notifications, and new customer notifications. Be sure to add our email address to your address book and be sure that everyone on your team does the same so no one misses out on any important emails. 

The Race Is On.

Right now is the best time to offer Wealtheo University subscriptions and build your customer base.

Our monthly subscription service, Wealtheo University, will retail for $99 per month. To grow our customer base while we scale our content (and help you build your customer base quickly) we are starting our subscription at $39 per month for the month of March.

Each month the pricing will increase by $10 until we reach $99 per month in September, 2021.

The month a customer enrolls is the monthly investment they will lock in for the life of their subscription.

For example, if your customer enrolls in May (when the price is $59 per month), they will lock in their monthly investment for the life of their subscription, even when the pricing increases to $59, $69, $79, etc.

This creates a great sense of urgency for your customers to enroll quickly to lock in the pricing before the next increase.

Remember, every customer you refer is tied to you for the life of their account. At any time in the future they purchase Debt Freedom or any of our future products and services (there are many coming), you will earn the retail commissions.

A Glimpse Into The Future


As the dust settles from our launch, we have already moved full-steam ahead with phase two of Wealtheo. Because you are our business partners, we wanted to provide you with a roadmap of what we have in store for you in the coming weeks, months, and into 2022.

Consultant Marketing Materials: We will always be creating new marketing materials to help you build your business. From PDFs, videos, new landing pages, new sales pages, social marketing, and more… this is a massive focus for us. It will not happen over night, but our goal here is to provide the best of the best when it comes to any other Direct Selling company in existence. We want to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Wealtheo University (WU): Our goal is to add over 100 courses added by September in the financial literacy category. Starting in May, you will see the frequency of new courses added to WU increase quickly. Our goal is to have several new courses added every week in each category we are in.

New Wealtheo University categories: Later in 2021, we will add at least one (maybe more) categories. Which category will we launch next? Relationships? Entrepreneurship? Career? Health/Wellness? You will play a big role in choosing the categories we launch next. Stay tuned for details.

New Flagship Courses: We will be launching additional flagship courses in the financial literacy space in 2021. Flagship courses, such as our Debt Freedom Course, will retail anywhere between $295 to $1,995 or more, depending on subject matter and complexity of materials. To provide more value and to provide more products for you and your team to generate commissions on, we will continue to create and launch stand-alone courses across all categories as we expand.

Coaching & Masterminds: This is a late 2021 or 2022 project that will provide an additional monthly recurring product which you can offer and generate commissions on. Stay tuned for details.

The Wealtheo Phone & Television Apps: We have a lot in store for Consultants and our Customers here. This is a Q4 2021/2022 project. (That we are extremely excited about!)

We Take Compliance Seriously.
(We Ask That You Do, Too.)

Before you were able to access your back office, you were required to go through our compliance video. This ensures that you and everyone on your team understands what compliance is and best practices for marketing your Wealtheo business.

To protect you and our business, we work with the top compliance attorney’s in the Direct Selling profession to ensure we adhere to the strict guidelines of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), which we are pending members of.

Additionally, we have a robust  compliance monitoring software and team in place which notifies our compliance department within seconds of anything posted online about Wealtheo which could be considered any type of claim (such as “get rich quick” claims or images of earnings being posted online).

We are here to build a legacy. And with that comes ensuring we have all of the legal protection in place in addition to ensuring all Consultants and Affiliates adhere to the laws and guidelines set in place by the Attorney General.

We strongly suggest using Corporate produce marketing materials when marketing your Wealtheo business. In the event you are posting anything online (such as your own blog or other websites) you will need to include, “Independent Wealtheo Consultant” within your post or ad.

Also keep in mind that Wealtho and all the product names are registered trademarks and cannot be used in domain names. This avoids confusion and keeps brand consistence.

Together we truly can change the world. We have a powerful opportunity and a growing suite of products that can and will change many people’s lives for the better. Please keep your marketing professional, hype-free, and compliant. We appreciate you following the guidelines and we look forward to building a successful business with you.

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