Wealtheo Opportunity

Simply put, owning a licensed Wealtheo business is the opportunity to reach your financial dreams

By helping yourself and others reduce debt and become financially literate through Wealtheo’s unique solutions.

As a consultant, you have the opportunity to promote our financial literacy courses to others. Not only does Wealtheo teach you the roadmap to get out of debt, but how to stay out of debt by following proven financial principles.

Never before in history has there been a better time to help yourself – and others.

The fact is, most people live paycheck to paycheck. Consider the size of our market:

Young Family Working on Home Finances

Wealtheo offers multiple income streams to those that apply themselves, earning an income in four different ways as a consultant.

The more financially literate you become by completing the easy-to-use online course material, you reach certain “certification” levels designed by Wealtheo which unlock potential additional income. The good news is you don’t need any specific financial training.  Wealtheo provides the platform for you to become an expert with personal finance.  You can also operate your business part-time or full-time – the choice is yours.

Selling the life-changing Debt Destroyer™ course at a retail profit for immediate income.

Teaching the life-changing Debt Destroyer™ course to small groups for immediate income.

Consulting with individuals and couples for a hands-on approach to helping them navigate their debt, develop a budget and becoming debt free for an immediate income.

Building a sales team for monthly and long-term residual income.