As America begins to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans will find themselves further in debt and in less control of their own personal financial circumstances due to the loss of millions of jobs.  Even if the job recovery happens quicker than projections, the fact so many went without income for a long period means more uncertainty.

Those with jobs found out all too easily that they could completely lose their entire incomes through no fault of their own.   Not since the Great Depression did folks have to rely on government agencies, food banks and charities to even get food for their families.

Even in a pandemic, reliance on government can result in excruciatingly-long timeframes for government help in subsidies, relief checks and health care.

What the pandemic did expose is how financially illiterate the average American (or Global Citizen) really is. 

That level of financial illiteracy has bled into big business and government.   Even large multi-national corporations could not withstand short periods of income loss by relying on cash reserves before begging for government bailouts.  Congress – and the federal government who may have the worst overall level of financial illiteracy plans to keep printing money, and swelling the national debt beyond any reasonable levels where it won’t cause a seismic monetary crisis (deflation or hyper-inflation) at some point by simply continuing to print money.

Americans, in general were not prepared for this kind of crisis. 

Wealtheo is the solution.

Our mission is to be the educational lifeline for Americans who are looking to learn how to eliminate financial uncertainty and win their financial independence. Wealtheo is built for times like these.