Know Before You Borrow – Student Loans

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What You'll Learn

It is never too early for your kids to learn about money, especially when it comes to wanting to further their education. Handling money the right way, and minimizing debt is the best advice that anyone can teach to their kids. Does your teen want to go to college, but not sure how you are going to pay for it? This course is a must to understand your role and obligations when it comes to student loans.

In this course, the Wealtheo™ experts guide you through the different types of student loans (federal and private ), and teach you the seven repayment plan options and four statuses that can impact your finances once you graduate.

Not sold you want to get into student loan debt? We also provide alternatives to consider instead of financing.

What’s Included?

  • Fully digital no-fluff content (access online from anywhere)
  • Video modules with topics including understanding borrowing money, federal student loans, private funding for student loans, student loans status and repayment options, alternatives to taking on student loans, and much more.

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Know Before You Borrow - Featured

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