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Wealtheo University provides online courses to help you gain wisdom, make better money decisions, and achieve financial freedom.

Americans have a serious debt problem. Our courses are designed to help you get out of debt, stay out of debt, and become financially free using proven financial principles.


Debt Consolidation Loans

Do you have credit card debt, medical bills, or loans? Struggling to manage your payments and keeping up with your bills? The idea of only having one loan with one payment sounds good, right? Maybe. For many people, debt consolidation shows a light at the

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Lifestyle Inflation

Have you ever heard of life creep? Remember back to the last time that you got a raise at work. What did you do with the “extra” money? Buy a new car or furniture, upgrade to a house? Life creep happens when we are on

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Understanding Your Net Worth

What is the status of your financial health? Do you know how to determine this? Net worth is the value of all your assets minus what you owe. While that may seem like a simple calculation, without understanding its importance the number is meaningless. It

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Banking Essentials

Are you considering keeping your money in a safer place than under your pillow? Money is the basis of banking. Can you imagine how our economy would operate if we didn’t use money? We would be spending our time producing a good or service to

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Understanding Debt

Do you have a mortgage? Car loan? Credit cards? These are all forms of debt. Not all debt is treated equally and some are even considered “good” debts. With the help of Wealtheo™, you will come away with a greater understanding of how each debt

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Using Credit Cards Wisely

In 2018, there were a total of 1.12 billion credit cards. That’s 182 million cardholders! The worst part is, the average cardholder carries a balance of $6,629 that they are paying interest on monthly. So each month that they don’t pay off the charges in

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The Power of Delayed Gratification

For most Americans, the pandemic has made it difficult to get ahead financially. And while the environment is changing around you, have you made the necessary adjustments to your spending? Do you find yourself shopping online more? Having access to anything at the click of

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How to Buy a Car

For most Americans, purchasing a car is a big financial step. Do you have an older model car you want to trade-in? Did you know that a third of buyers roll over approximately $5,000 into their new car loan? That means that you are paying

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How to Avoid Bank Fees

Do you currently have a bank account? Are you regularly overdrafting and getting hit with $35 fees? Now more than ever, America is in a state of uncharted waters. With job loss, businesses closing down, and reservations of people to go out in public, keeping

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Achieving the Mindset of the Wealthy

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill Being wealthy and having wealth are two different things. You must first understand and attain the mental and emotional aspects of a wealthy mindset in order to change your circumstances. The mindset

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We Are Wealtheo

We have decades of entrepreneurial experience and have started and run multiple successful companies. We are backed and led by experts in personal finance, online learning, and technology.

Our mission is to change lives, one family at a time, by providing them with sound financial principles, educational tools to reduce debt and become financially literate.

Through our online education platform, we provide valuable courses and tools to help address the largest problem in personal finance: Debt.

We are also committed to providing additional courses and training on how to achieve wealth in all areas of your life.