We believe that financial education and unlimited opportunity can change lives and change the world.

Real education. Real products. And a real opportunity to build an upfront and recurring income. Welcome to Wealtheo.

Debt is a problem.
a big problem.

The market we are starting off in is unfortunately growing. Sadly, most Americans have not been properly educated on how to manage their money. And sometimes no matter how hard or how many times people try to get out of debt, they keep ending up right back to where they started — or worse.

Financial literacy is only taught in a handful of schools. Most of our parents were not properly educated on financial literacy and money management. And we are constantly bombarded with all the ways we can spend our money vs. how to save it and make it work for us.

Unfortunately, things are not getting better… they are getting worse.

The current state of our Union is troubling…

Thankfully, there is a 100% proven time-tested method to becoming debt-free. The simple method is educating yourself and following the easy steps to not only get out of debt, but learning how to stay out of debt once and for all.

At Wealtheo, we are committed to both helping people get out of debt as well as providing a viable business opportunity to create an additional income stream.


Online learning is experiencing rapid growth and will continue to do so for many years to come.

At Wealtheo, we are passionate about creating our own courses and content to help educate and inspire. In the near future, we will also have exclusive access to additional content to be part of the Wealtheo network.

Our mission is to take personal development education across all areas of life (starting with personal finance) and provide exclusive courses and content to our subscribers.

Our business model combines the likes of the top online learning platforms plus other entertainment and education platforms to provide an online learning environment and subscription model which is distributed using Direct Selling.

We’re starting off online and will be adding mobile and television apps in the future to provide access to our courses and platform from any device.


Many More coming soon...


The Debt Freedom course is a self-paced, online educational financial literacy course that teaches time-proven principles our students can apply to improve their financial health.
Designed to provide financial literacy education (with zero fluff) along with a complete roadmap to attacking debt and getting on the path to financial freedom.
Features 21 zero-fluff videos plus 5 actionable worksheets.


Wealtheo University is our online service that provides new ala carte (100% exclusive) courses every month to help people gain wisdom, make better money decisions, and achieve financial freedom.

We’re starting with personal finance education and will be adding additional categories to Wealtheo University to provide high-quality courses to help you build wealth in all areas of your life.


The Wealtheo Budgeting App compliments the principles taught in the Debt Freedom™ course. For those looking to have a way to manage their budget, the app walks you through just that.

Customers begin with inserting their income then your necessity and discretionary expenses. Finally, by adding details associated with their debts, they can work their way to debt freedom. The Budgeting App shows you how much money you have left over each month to apply to your debt snowball and pay off your debts quicker.

Month after month, by using the app to track every dollar earned and spent, you can change your habits and see your progress.


To better serve our customers, Consultants, and Affiliates, we will be launching the Wealtheo mobile app and the Wealtheo television apps in Q4 2021 / Q1 2022.


Simply put, we are in the business of solving problems and helping people.

You can help yourself and others reduce debt and become financially literate through our unique solutions.

As a Wealtheo Consultant, you have the opportunity to promote our financial literacy courses (with more categories coming soon) to others to generate commissions.

Additionally, you have the option to build a team of Consultants and earn overrides on their sales to build both upfront and monthly commissions.

Everything you see right now is only the beginning…

We are starting off in personal finance, but will soon be expanding our courses and products into many categories such as: Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Career, Mindset & Personal Development, and more…

Never before in history has there been a better time to help yourself – and others.

The fact is, most people live paycheck to paycheck. Consider the size of our market:





Contact the Consultant who referred you to us and let them know you’d like to purchase one of our courses or become a part of our team and start building your own Wealtheo business today.

Notice: Wealtheo is not a debt relief or credit counseling agency. The information in our online courses is for educational purposes only. You should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, debt, or other advice. All content on this site is information of a general nature and does not address the unique circumstances of any particular individual.