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Break free from the old money habits.
Achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

Understand Debt and Wealth Creation Can Accelerate
Your Path To Success.

Did you know that:

10 %

Of Americans don’t have at least $1,000 in their Savings Account.

0 %

of Americans have less than $5,000 in retirement savings.

0 %

of American workers live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to save anything for retirement.

0 %

of Americans actually spend more each month than they earn from their job.

The average credit card debt is $6,354 per person in the United States.

1 out of 7 retirees live in poverty in the United States.

Debt is a big problem for the American people. Understanding how debt works sets the foundation for building wealth.

The First Step To Accumulation of Wealth Is…

Getting Out of Debt
Once and For All



by Wealtheo
21 zero-fluff videos plus 5 actionable worksheets

In this program you’ll discover

“I first took the Debt Freedom course in March of 2021. Like most people in this country, I have credit card debt, and I wanted to start to attack that issue. I took it again in April, just to reinforce the concepts and continue the process. Of course with Wealtheo, you can take your courses over and over again.

The Debt Freedom course includes worksheets where you actually put down all of your debt on paper. It even asked for interest rates of each credit card and loan. I actually did not know many of these answers, so I had to look them up. I was surprised how high some of the interest rates really were. That was an eye-opener.

Then, the Debt Freedom course gives you actionable steps that you can take to reduce the debt. I started taking these actions for my own situation during March.

As a direct result of the Debt Freedom course and the actions that the course suggests and the included worksheets, I am much more aware of my own spending habits and where my money is going, and I am starting to pay down my own debt, and I feel that I am on the right track, and I will continue on that track.

In addition, my own credit score has already gone up 10 points in the month since I first took the course, as shown below from Credit Karma.”

Tom F.

It’s time to get control of your finances.
Get instant access today for only $159.

The Debt Freedom™ course is a self-paced, online educational financial literacy course that teaches time-proven principles for you to apply, to improve your financial health.

Here’s what’s included:


Introduction to Debt Freedom


To Get out of Debt You First Need to Understand Debt


Let's Destroy
Your Debt

It’s time to get control of your finances.
Get instant access today for only $159.

“I never realized the patterns I had when it came to using credit cards and spending. In using the Debt Freedom course my eyes were finally open to my financial habits in detail, and from a different view. Not only did I not realize how much I was paying in fees, but I was able to raise my credit score almost 30 points in the past couple of months just from starting to pay off the debt I have. Thanks to what I learned from Debt Freedom; I am now armed with the knowledge required to make better choices when it comes to making purchases. Not only am I looking out for my own financial health, but my family will also benefit from this new mind set. Once you learn it, it’s there for you. Don’t wait, the sooner you start, the sooner your financial health grows.”