The Renegade Capitalist

"Success for me is the freedom to do the things I love without others controlling my time, income or schedule, and without worrying about money."

David Thomas Roberts

I went from barely scraping by in a trailer park to being a successful entrepreneur, CEO, author, husband, and father. I launched Wealtheo to offer you the opportunity to achieve success and wealth in all areas of your life.

No matter where you are now, you can get there. I want to help you do it.


I achieved success by becoming a Renegade Capitalist.

A Renegade Capitalist is an individual who rejects conventional behavior, especially when it comes to the social and business norms associated with running or owning a business.

I detail Renegade Capitalism in my book “Unemployable”. It has helped thousands of entrepreneurs level up their businesses, break the in-the-box mindset that held them back in achieving their goals, and set their feet on the path to wealth.

Watch some of my interviews below.


Here is the dirty secret about wealth in America that no one wants to talk about.

Not only is financial literacy at an all-time low in the United States, but there is also no single place where someone can learn the real deal about how to achieve success and wealth. In fact, it took me years of research, personal development, and trial-and-error to become successful.

I want to see a nation of people where success is only limited by their imagination and their work ethic.

I launched Wealtheo because I didn’t want people like you to have to endure years of hardship to simply find out what works and what doesn’t. By sharing what I have learned, I can shave years off of your path to success and generate a community of RENEGADES who are ready to change the way business works in America.



Randy Councill

Randy has been an entrepreneur his entire life, starting and growing several businesses across multiple industries successfully. Randy has held Partner and COO positions across several corporations in the water and telecommunications industries and is an expert at the enterprise-level deployment of new technologies.

Tara Shelander

Tara's experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven and internet-based business services and solutions while providing outstanding client service. As a telecom attorney, she has extensive experience in multi-million-dollar contract negotiations for global corporations. Tara has a Master’s of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, as well as a Juris Doctor in Law.

Daniel Miller

Daniel has been a tech entrepreneur since the 1990's. He's a political activist, author, radio and podcast host, and consultant who has delivered hundreds of TV, radio, and newspaper interviews and is a sought after speaker, both in Texas and internationally.

Are you ready to cut years off of your journey to wealth and success?

If so, then I created Wealtheo for you.

The very first step that I had to take on my path to wealth and success made the biggest long-term difference in my life.  The first step to your new life is getting your personal finances in order. If I didn’t learn a concrete set of money principles at the beginning of my journey, it wouldn’t have mattered how much I made because I never would have been able to keep it.

To help you and others get started on the right foot, I have condensed years of experience and trial-and-error into an entire suite of hyperfocused, personal finance courses that will arm you with the information that they don’t teach in school. These are the tips, tools, and tactics of the successful and wealthy. 

Most of our courses are less than the price of dinner at an inexpensive restaurant. Some are more. But all of them take discipline and dedication and are only for people that are serious about becoming a Renegade Capitalist.