Wealtheo Trusted Providers

Take advantage of Wealtheo’s Trusted Providers for your insurance, real estate and financial transaction needs. Wealtheo’s Trusted Providers have gone through our stringent vetting process which includes educating them on our unique financial principles and training them how to best serve the Wealtheo family. Wealtheo’s Trusted Providers are trained to provide you with the best services and pricing in the financial services industry.

What Services Do You Need?


Get affordable coverage for home, auto, long-term care and more.

Real Estate

Find expert agents to help you buy or sell a home or get a mortgage.

Taxes and Investing

Find products and pros to make sure every dollar you earn helps you reach your financial goals.

Debt Elimination

Break free from the chains of student loans.

Trusted Providers

Work With Wealtheo-Vetted Pros


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We understand that there are many options out there that provide services. The Wealtheo Vetted-Pros have an expectation set upon them to serve our Wealtheo family in alignment with our financial teachings and principles. We put our trust in them to put YOU first.

What does it take to become a Wealtheo Trusted Provider?

Certification Process

The certification process includes an in-depth assessment of the mission, customer satisfaction, principles, and services of the prospective Trusted Provider.

Fully Vetted

Wealtheo spends an extensive amount of time up-front getting to know and understand the people behind the Trusted Providers to ensure they meet the Wealtheo standards.

Serve, Not Sell

Wealtheo Trusted Providers do NOT sell financial products. They work for YOU! Their role is to listen and understand your needs and guide you through the options available and best suited for you.

Real People. Real Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wealtheo management goes uses a stringent process for identifying Trusted Providers that can assist Wealtheo customers in achieving their financial goals.

Yes, if a Trusted Partner does not meet customer service measurement intervals monitored by Wealtheo, they could lose the Wealtheo endorsement and be removed from the program.

By contacting us at TrustedProvider@Wealtheo.com and going through the Wealtheo Trusted Providers qualification steps.

More About Wealtheo

Our mission is to change lives, one family at a time, by providing them with sound financial principles, educational tools to reduce debt and become financially literate, and an opportunity to become entrepreneurs for those that aspire to financial independence.